Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nexus 7 (2013) to be Available via Verizon from Feb 13 – Pricing Details

Finally the Nexus 7 (2013) tablet will be available on Verizon from February 13th 2014. The device will be available online and also in stores for $349.99 without having to sign a contract and the price would be $249.99 if the user is signing a limited contract of 2 years. Verizon has also announced that people who have already purchased the Nexus 7 (2013) LTE can also activate their handset on the Verizon carrier after downloading the new software update.

If you have forgotten, let me remind you the Nexus 7 (2013) LTE model was originally started its sale in September 2013 on the Google Play Store USA. This Nexus 7 (2013) runs on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System and is a 7 inch device with 1920 x 1200 pixels display. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro quad core processor coupled with 2 GB of RAM. The Nexus 7 (2013) has a 5 MP auto focus camera on its rear and a 1.2 MP fixed focus camera on its front for video calling. The internal storage given to the device is 32 GB and the battery to power the device is at 3950 mAh. The connectivity options like the Dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and 3.5 mm audio jack.
The 7-inch full HD display creates a great movie-watching experience and the compact design makes one-handed use easy. Google Now is also available so users can get real-time information such as weather, traffic updates, news and more based on location, Verizon announced in a press note.
So are you going to get this device on the Verizon carrier? You need to wait till just a little more for this device to hit the stores and online as well for $249.99 with two years contract, saving $100. Is it worth signing? Comment in the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates. Don’t worry if you already own a Nexus 7 (2013) LTE, you can get to the Verizon carrier with software update which will be coming soon.

Must Download Application for MWC 2014 Visitors – GSMA Official Android Appv

GSMA Official is an official app for GSMA that includes Mobile World Congress (MWC), Mobile Asia Expo and Mobile World Live. This app will include all the news and covers all the stories from the big industries and also gives the regular blog features and analysis from the experienced team of tech reporters from GSMA. The content will be accomplished with a weekly video features that will be offering exclusive interview access to the highest profile C-Level executives in mobile business and also special features that analyze the topical issues from the industries.
We are going to attend the MWC 2014 event, and just like always, there are easier and better ways to register and check-in at the event. One of them is this app, apart from the NFC chips that were given last year.
Mobile World Congress 2014 is just around the corner and many of us are eager to gear up for the show, but if you’re new to the event, it might be confusing and consumes lot of time to startup, in this case GSMA app is the look out for. This app is mainly for the attendees of the Mobile World Congress helping them and enhancing their experience by decreasing the load and saving their time. With this app the users can register with their mobile directly after downloading the app. This will be a perfect app to schedule an event and keep up with all the information of the events. You can also make see the exhibitor listings, venue maps, information on the booth and everything can be shared via Social networks.

  • Mobile registration
  • Final confirmation code for Mobile World Congress
  • Full event schedule
  • Exhibitor listing
  • Speaker listings
  • Smart services
  • Venue maps
  • Social networking
  • Complete info booth
The NFC Badge that will enable you to pass the perimeter access points and enter conference sessions will also be provided with this app so that you can avoid all the unnecessary delays. This badge can be used for simplified access of the venues and provide many other services. What are you waiting for? Download this app for free by hitting the link here and enjoy all its features. Stay tuned for more updates that we will be bringing from the MWC 2014.

NOTE – This year’s MWC event offers a free transportation ticket that will be valid for the four days of the event (Monday – Thursday), will be distributed along with the attendees pass. These transport passes will be valid for unlimited combined journeys using any means of transport within zone 1 (Barcelona city and Fira Gran Via), including metro, bus, and train.

So, if you are a visitor for this year’s MWC, make sure you are downloading this app through the Google Play Store and check for your confirmation, and the check-in would be easier with this.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Samsung Galaxy Star Trios GT-S5283B Android Phone with Triple SIM Launched – Specs, Details

Samsung Galaxy Star Trios is a new Android Smart Phone from Samsung that has been launched in Brazil. The Samsung Galaxy Star Trios bearing the model number GT-S5283B will feature triple SIM. Earlier we saw the Optimus L1 II Tri from LG also featured a triple SIM in the same location proving that these triple SIM models are on high in those areas.

Samsung Galaxy Star Trios is similar to the Galaxy Star S5280 (released early last year) with few updates, this handset is featuring a 3.14 inch QVGA display with 240 x 320 resolutions and is powered by a 1 GHz single core Snapdragon S1 processor, coupled with a 512 MB of RAM, running on Android 4.1.2 OS. It has a 2 MP camera on its back and the front camera is absent with 4 GB of on-board memory that can be extended via micro SD card slot.
To power the device there is a 1300 mAh battery on its back and the handset includes the connectivity’s like Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, HSDPA, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0 with the normal 3.5mm audio jack. The device come with a new intelligent interface that uses the motion sensors to provide easier access to receive updates or reject an incoming call just by turning the device with the screen down on the table.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Star Trios

  • 3.14 inch multi touch QVGA display
  • 240 x 320 pixels resolution
  • Single-core, 1 GHz Snapdragon S1 Qualcomm MSM7225A processor
  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Operating System
  • Triple SIM
  • 2 MP rear facing camera
  • No front camera
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 4 GB internal memory, expandable up to 32 GB via microSD card
  • Connectivity: HSPDA, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, USB 2.0
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 61 x 106 x 11mm
  • Weight: 105 grams
The Samsung Galaxy Star Trios is available in Brazil in White and Black variants and is being priced around $165 which is expensive than the Optimus L1 II Tri, the availability around the world has not been mentioned. Want to get triple SIM device? It’s available through many retailers in Brazil but if you are out of Brazil you have to wait for few more days. Stay tuned for more updates and information.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Best Gionee Elife E6 Tips & Tricks – Useful & Important Options

The Gionee Elife E6 was one of the best moderately priced Android smartphones, with a Full HD display and the Quad-core Mediatek processor, as well as a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front facing camera. The display is brilliant, and that showcases the Amigo interface that Gionee has for it’s flagship Android phones. The Gionee Elife E6 runs the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS and there are many things in the interface of it which people won’t normally use, mostly because they don’t know get to explore all that easily.

Below are the best tips and tricks of the Gionee Elife E6 Android phone.

Scheduling Airplane Mode and Power Off/On

Scheduling the Airplane Mode or the Power turning off/on is something which would keep your phone fast, as well as keep all the disturbance away while you are asleep at night. The best part is that you don’t have to always set these up, because there are options where you can schedule this to happen every day at a particular time. Go to Settings > All Settings > System and there you would see the two options:
  • Scheduled power on & off
  • Scheduled airplane on/off
Both these options will have the time for powering off/on and the time for airplane mode on/off.

System Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode is almost a necessity now in most of the smartphones, especially because of the power drain although there is a high capacity battery but the E6 has just a 2000 mAh battery which does need the power saving mode quite a lot when the battery is draining a lot on playing movies, browsing the internet or using the camera. To use the Power saving mode, you need to go to Settings > Common Settings > Power Saving where you see the System Power saving which would automatically optimize the power parameters, and if you wish you can do the custom setting to particular options through Custom Power saving.

LED Light for Notification / Low Power

The LED light does a bit in notifying you of any unread messages, unattended calls and other app notifications, or even would let you know when the phone is running on low battery. You can set these LED lights ON/off by going to Settings > All settings > Device > LED light and you would get to see the three options:
  • Low power remind – Flashed red light when on low power
  • Charging remind – Keep LED on when charging
  • Notification remind – Flash when having missed calls, missed SMS or other app notifications

Download Static Wallpapers from Gionee’s Collection

The wallpapers available in the smartphone are already good, but if you wanted more options, you won’t need to Google them or search somewhere else, as there is a big directory of wallpapers in the Gionee’s collection which you can browse by clicking on “More choices” under the current available wallpapers.

Change Transition Effects

The Elife E6 doesn’t have any app drawer, and thus you would see all the apps directly on the home screens. While browsing through the different home screens, you may notice the transition effect like Wave, Cylinder, Shutter etc. and you can choose any one of those or make it happen randomly whenever you switch between the desktop home screens. Press the Menu button when you are on the home screen, and open “Desktop setting”. In that, you would notice “Desktop Switch Effect”, in which you will have to select one of the effects or select Random to see different effect each time you switch.

Security tip – Set Pattern Screen Lock

Setting up a pattern screen lock is one of the very basic and important security tip for those who don’t want someone to always have the access to the home screen and interface. To set it up in the Gionee Elife E6, you need to go to Settings > Common Settings > Screen password where you get to see three options – Slide, Pattern and Pin. Select “Pattern” and you would need to draw the same pattern twice to confirm and save it.

Smart Pause movie when you turn away from screen

The smart features such as smart pausing a video when you turn away from the screen etc. are seen quite a lot now, especially in the high-end devices from Samsung, LG and other brands, but Gionee hasn’t ignored it and there is Smart Pause control available in the Smart gesture settings, where a smiley would show up to indicate while you look away from the screen when the video is being played.

Multitasking & Closing Background Running Apps

Multitasking is a part of being “smart” and the Gionee Elife E6 has got the multitasking just like you see in the iOS 7, with the vertical multiple app screens which can be pulled up to close that particular running application. This is no different from the iOS multitasking, and it looks pretty cool too, for the fact that you get to see the full screen view of the running app.

Enable USB Storage Mode on Connection

The USB connection with the computer would open up several options for the users to select from, but for the phone to get into the USB storage mode, you will have to select the option “Turn on USB storage” on the notification panel when the device is connected with the USB cable. There, you would see two options – USB storage, USB debugging. Activating the first one would enable the USB storage mode and you would be able to transfer files from the storage of the device to the computer and vice-versa.

Organize Apps in Folders

The Elife E6 comes with the home screens having the app icons, and no app drawer, thus it becomes quite necessary to organize them in folders if you have loads of apps, ending you up in a confusion when searching for particular apps. To organize, you need to long press the app icon and it can then be dragged under any app, and the name can be set to the folder that is just created.

Rooting the Gionee Elife E6

The rooting as always in a discussion for its advantages and disadvantages, can be done quite easily in the Gionee Elife E6. Thanks to the Mediatek chipset included in this one, there is a single Framaroot app needed for the rooting to be done. Check out the Gionee Elife E6 rooting guide to learn how to do it.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Togethera: A Private photo sharing app for Android – Download Now

In an age where social sharing is on a high, there are few segments which still needs to be addressed. One of those areas which needs to be addressed is the photo management utility app which will make sure that photo sharing is kept private and exclusive. So, here comes an app which is dubbed as “Togethera” which comes with this capability. Togethera is now available in Android and keeps photos more secure and private. The best part of this app is that it’s Free and earlier it was available for IOS users. So let’s check out on what are the detailed feature list of this Togethera app.

The best part of this app is that you need not worry about being added or getting friend requests from the people whom you really don’t know and this is the reason on why this app is exclusively kept private. Keeping facebook creepers at bay, this app allows you to be added to a group of people who already have your email id. Once the group is formed, you can then share photos and videos of kids, family reunions, or anything else all privately through the group.
Brief Features:
Private Sharing: Only you and a group of people whom you have added can see the photos, videos and updates,
Simple and Easy: It has easy to use interface and simple to use options which make this app different and exclusive
Seamless Access: All the content can be accessed from smartphone, computer or from tablet,
Free: Without any ads, this app is free to use app
The app is all about family and making sure you are sharing with only your family. The best part of this app as mentioned earlier is that there are no ads either when you use this app and also this app is free of cost which can be downloaded from the Google PLAY Store.

Manual Update Galaxy S DUOS S7562 with Jellybean 4.2.2 Android OS – Guide

Galaxy S Duos S7562 too can now be updated with the Jellybean 4.2.2 Android OS. While there seems to be no noise about KitKat 4.4 for Galaxy S Duos officially, all thanks to the custom ROM makers who really are working hard to come up with the newer versions of Android OS for the device. So in the due course of this article, let’s check out on what are the steps with which you can apply the update, but before that you will have to go through the list of quick pre requisites which we have summed up below.

Quick Pre Requisites:
  • All the data in your device needs to be backed up with the help of below mentioned steps manually and not with the KIES.
SMS – Use “SMS Backup & Restore app”,
Contacts – Sync with the Gmail application,
Call Log - Call Log and Restore
Images, Songs, Videos, Files – Copy to internal / External SD Card,
APN and MMS Settings – Note down from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Head over to the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging” in your Samsung Galaxy S DUOS so as to enable the USB Debugging Mode.
Disclaimer: We should not be held responsible in any manner for any damage happened to your Galaxy S DUOS due to not following the instructions mentioned in the article.
Since this is the custom ROM firmware, you have to make sure that the device is rooted or not. To check the rooting status, download the Root Checker app from Google PLAY Store and check the same. Before proceeding, you need to make sure that the device is rooted.
So let’s get started with the detailed guide which will enable you to update the device with the latest version of Jellybean 4.2.2 for Galaxy S Duos.
Procedure to Update Galaxy S DUOS S7562 with Jellybean 4.2.2 Android OS:
  • Press and hold Home + Power + Volume Up buttons to enter the device in the Recovery Mode. If your Galaxy S DUOS enters in the Normal mode, then you need to re try the process of entering the device in the Recovery Mode.
  • In recovery mode, select options to clear and wipe the data present in your phone so as to make sure that just in case if there are cache files, the same can be removed. In recovery mode, select “install zip from sd card” and then choose the zip file of KitKat 4.4.2 Android firmware and then the Google Apps Package which you have placed in your phone.
  • Once the firmware is updated, select “Go Back” and select “reboot system now”. The whole process of firmware update will take around 4 -5 minutes and in some cases it may take more time.
  • As soon as the device gets rebooted, you can then head over to the Settings > More to check out the current version details in About Phone section where it will be mentioned as XXUGML3 Jellybean 4.3 Android OS.
Note: If at all your Galaxy S DUOS S7562 smartphone gets in the boot loop mode, then you need to turn off the device and then reapply the update from the start. To turn off you can reinsert the battery or say you can long press the power button and repeat the whole process again.
So there you go, you have now successfully applied the latest Jellybean 4.2.2 Android OS in your Galaxy S DUOS S7562 which comes with advanced Jellybean features. Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you face any issues in the process of firmware update.

Deal: Moto G Available for $100 via US Cellular from February 10th

Moto G is an awesome device considering its price with some serious hardware, and the response from the customers can already say how good Motorola did in the past few months, initially with the Moto X, and then this budget phone. The device is placed at $180 for its 4.5 inch 720p touch screen display and it on of very few devices running on Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System. This device is now available for a discounted price of $99.99 on Verizon.

The Moto G lovers should be excited after this news, the US cellular is now giving away the Moto G for $99.99 with a discount of $80 for a device which is already costing low, now that’s called a deal! The 8 GB version which on the deal, has a Snapdragon 400 processor coupled with a 1 GB RAM and will be running on Android 4.4 KitKat with a 5 MP snapper on its back and a 2070 mAh battery on its back. The only thing that this device will be missing is the LTE connectivity.
This device can be bought online right away with the price of $99.99 or you can still get it from the stores starting from February 10th. This device is available for $180 off contract. So what are you waiting for? Go grab the device as soon as you can. Stay tuned for more updates and information. There’s quite a long story about the pricing of the Moto X which was launched with a hefty pricing, but then had kept reducing the price, before finally being priced at $329 through Feb 14th as a part of promotion that Motorola is running. After that, the price would be $399, which is still not very high considering the build and quality of the device.
Now that Motorola is acquired by Lenovo, there should be some speculation on how Motorola will be doing in the coming future, but for now, these two devices were made when Google had an eye on it and thus, both the Moto X and Moto G were excellent.