Saturday, 16 November 2013

6 Best Alternatives to Google Glasses from $299 – Specs, Features and Pricing Details

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Heads Up! While Google still playing hide and seek game when it comes to speaking about the availability of Google Glasses Wearable gadget, it’s time for you to have a look at various options which can give a tough to Google. The best part is that out of the 6 options which we will be checking out, some options are even available now which means that you can even start using those.

  • Pivothead SMART ($399)
    The Pivothead Smart takes the Glass experience to the next level, as it isn’t limited to just capturing and you would be able to capture, share and tell your stories from your own perspective. SMART here means “Simple Modular Application-Ready Technology ” and there is whole big list of things you can actually do using the Pivothead SMART glasses and it is very much different from the Pivot Head which we have talked about below. One can live stream full HD videos directly to the web browser and can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and some smart MODs can be added to the Pivothead SMART. The glasses can be managed wirelessly from the computer or smartphone and Android based apps can be used with the Pivothead smart. It is more than what one can imagine, and the project is right now on Kickstarter for the funding from fans who would love to get one.
    Fund and order one here – Indiegogo project.

Pivot Head 1080P 8Mp Video Recording – Recommended ($299):
Pivothead offers some beautiful sunglasses which offer a amazing video recording feature with a support of 1080P using the 8Mp Camera. It comes at a budget price of just $299 which is 5 times lower than the Google Glasses and comes with a 2Gb Ram, Different capture modes and the camera is based on Sony CMOS Image Sensor.Check features, price and more information on Amazon here.Recon Jet ($599):

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