Monday, 18 November 2013

Android BootManager – Speed up Phone Boot by Disabling Apps on Start Up

The Android OS has made quite a good progress by now with the new KitKat version too coming out soon, but there’s some issues that the users find always, especially with the speed of the interface which although isn’t that slow but several applications running in the background eventually slow down the entire interface. To speed up the phone bootup and the interface, there’s an App which can serve a good purpose: Android BootManager. This is actually an App module which needs the device to be rooted and on the X-pose Framework to work. Just like any other Mobile OS or even the Windows / Mac OS, there are certain applications that start working whenever the device boots up, and you need to stop them to see a faster bootup. There is an app permission: “android.permission.RECEIVE_
BOOT_COMPLETED” which is placed in a startup folder and from there you would normally see a notification from the running app, or the app would automatically start in the background or if the user has set an option, the app would exit.
Disabling the app in the BootManager would prevent the app from starting up at the next system boot, and that is what you are actually looking at with this app. When the app is started for the first time, it would list all the apps set to run upon every boot of the Android OS. There’s a difference between the free and paid version of the app, and there’s no paid version but you need to make an in-app donation to unlock the features.
The free app would give you the list and options to disable the app only for the user-installed apps but not the system apps. The in-app donation (you can indirectly call the paid app option) would open the various options to check and stop the system apps from opening on the device boot up. Once you have made an in-app donation, the working would be easy, where you just need to tap on the particular app which you want to disable, and it would become a red selection which would not start on the system boot up.

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