Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nexus 5 Colors – Which Color to Choose between White & Black

This would seem to be a weird question to ask because the colors usually are a choice for the end user, but that is not the case with the Nexus 5 from Google, because this time Google has made it different from the usual trend, and here our answer straightaway for a choice would be the Black color and there are quite a few reasons for it.
Most of the smartphones from different brands have the White and Black color options, and in that we usually opt for the white one (check out the LG G2 review where the white looks excellent) because of the excellent look and the black would make it look like a cheap one. But this time, Nexus 5 has got a body which doesn’t really attract with the white color, and the Black color would be a wise option if you are looking it from different ways.

Firstly, the fingerprint resistance – frankly, both of them would take the fingerprints but the black one has a little rubberish and matte-type of back body and thus the fingerprint isn’t visible, unlike on the glossy white back.
Next, the other reason why we find the white color not that good is because although Google/LG tried to be different and have just the back panel in white color, it looks odd when seen from the side, as half of the side panel has white and the other half black. Without noticing that it’s the Nexus 5, one would feel that you placed a replacement back cover to a phone with a different color.
Third and very strong reason why we would totally opt for the Black color Nexus 5 over the white one is the earpiece area. It’s a small circle above the screen and that looks the most weird in the white model, because that area is specially given the white color and it is the only part that shows from the front in White. I was confused with it many a times already thinking that I got some notifications, as it looks just like the LED notification lights that usually blink above the screen.

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