Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Archos Smartwatch with Android & iOS Support to unveil at CES 2014, priced from 50 GBP – Details

Popular for its Android Smart phones and tablets, Archos has announced that it would be unveiling its range of SmartWatches at the CES 2014. These new SmartWatches will allow you to connect with both the Android and iOS Smart phones making it easier for SmartWatch users. These Smart Watches would start under 50 GBP (Rs. 5100), according to the company.
Earlier we saw the pebble Smartwatch with E-link display, Samsungs Galaxy Gear that was introduced earlier this year and Sony’s SmartWatch 2, but Archos SmartWatch will be cheaper than all these devices. The Archos Smartwatch will feature Bluetooth for sure to connect with the Smart phone, but we did not get any other specification regarding these Archos Smart watches.

From the image from the promo, we can assume that it might have an E-Ink display and expected to come with chargeable wrist straps. Archos is targeting “simplicity and function” with its SmartWatch designs, the company says.
Other device that Archos will unveil is connected home that lets you control your home from any iOS or Android platform using the Archos Smart Home application including a weather station, activity tracker, blood pressure monitor and the Smart Home Tablet with Bluetooth sensor.
According to Archos, the connected objects that are coming include the cheap SmartWatches that are using Bluetooth Low Energy, being compatible with Android and iOS devices. A new Connected Self App will be serving as the backbone application for all connected self devices.
We are not sure of what these SmartWatches are going to be but very soon we will get to know as we would head to Las Vegas for the CES to cover the launches and will be updating you with all the information. The pricing would surely give the other brands a thought on whether they are going wrong with the pricing or are not going to consider Archos in the competition at all. Let’s see where this is headed to.

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