Thursday, 26 December 2013

Facebook Home with Customizable Lock Screen & Notifications – Download Now

Facebook Home, finally got the much needed facelift and now comes with smarter notifications along with some of the UI / UX similarities as that of Kit Kat Android OS.  Facebook Home hasn’t actually impressed fb users recently when it initially. But now, it has come up with an all new update which ropes in the facebook notifications and phone information which occupy space below the revamped clock and includes the weather data. Once the user swipes to the left, it brings up the cover feed and settings option which allows user to change the wallpaper of the device. We have also mentioned the screen captures of the new facebook home below along with the download link;

Ever wondered on what exactly is meant by “Facebook Home”, unfortunately for all the facebook fans who were expecting a new phone or an OS, it’s neither of them and it’s just an app but not an ordinary one though. So, let’s check out in the due course of this article on “what is facebook home” and how it changes your device’s framework with an all new refreshed UI. Faceboom Home is a new app for your Android which aims to turn your smartphone into a social phone. This is an all  new front end UI which actually lets users to get all the latest from their newsfeed and messages right on your home screen without you needing to open an app.

Facebook Home is built around your friends and puts them at the centre of your phone. So, let’s check out on what are the interesting features of Facebook Home;
Cover Feed:
Cover feed transforms your device with the fresh stream of photos and updates the same with the newsfeed. So, once you wake your smartphone from the idle mode, Cover Feed is there in front of your eyeballs. You can stay up to date with all the latest happenings with your friends in a real time manner as in when they update their status. All you need to do is to just swipe through to see more on photos and updates. The best part of this is that you won’t miss any of the latest updates from your friends.
Just in case if your friend posted something on your timeline, then you will receive the notifications with their profile pictures. For opening the notifications, all you need to do is to just tap on them and also alternatively you can swipe through to hide them and keep flipping through the cover feed until you want them back. Notifications of this all new facebook home is so awesome that it’s the next best to Google + when it comes to the rich user interface.
Chat Heads:
You can keep chatting with your friends even when you are using other applications. When your buddy sends you a message you get to see your friend’s face so that you exactly know with whom you are chatting with at that point of time.
App Launcher:
For getting into your app is never too late as it’s all in front of you. You can swipe up to see your favorite apps in the launcher. Also, there is a screen which consists all your applications and you can drag all your favorite apps to the launcher.
So, now the question is “How can you get the Facebook Home”?
Starting April 12 2013, you can download the Facebook Home application from Google PLAY Store and will work initially on Galaxy S3, HTC One X PLUS, Galaxy Note II, HTC One and also with Galaxy S4. Home will also be available pre-installed on phones through the Facebook Home Program. HTC has launched its first phone with Facebook Home name “HTC First”.

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