Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mobo Live – Highly Customizable App Launcher with Widgets, Managers & Themes

When you talk of any good launchers, most of them would like the inspired ones and the only ones which are very well known around, having millions of users are the Hi Launcher, the Action Launcher Pro and a few others. To add to that, there is a very refreshed launcher called Mobo Live, a perfect one for those who wanted to have a totally refreshed look for their device, instead of hitting the head hard for installing a custom ROM in the device.
The Mobo Live app comes with loads of options, themes and new icons, widgets which all change the user experience for someone who is using the same interface in their Android phone since a long time. I’m using a Gionee Elife E6 and a Nexus 5 from Google, and both these devices have got totally different interfaces, where the Elife E6 comes with the Amigo interface, while its the Stock ROM with a very simple and easy to use interface in the Nexus 5. I wanted to have a common type of interface which was easily possible through a launcher, and Mobo Live is quite impressive.
Some of the features that one would easily love about the Mobo Live launcher for Android would be:

  • Customized and customizable icons for many apps, and you can use their Desk migrate feature to migrate the icons to its own launcher
  • A huge list of websites on a dedicated page for search, and that includes the Voice search
  • Option to hide apps from the app drawer
  • Transition effects, which are mostly seen in the different launchers but these are still always good
  • Wallpapers, themes to make a facelift to every page
  • Phone management via different widgets – RAM Booster, Battery widget
  • Easy access to the frequently used and recently installed applications
  • Backup & Restore of Apps – Removes the need for a dedicated app for this
  • Battery life optimizer to extend the battery life, which in fact works quite well
There is a lot more, but we could argue that some of them are available in the other launchers as well, but what’s special is all listed below in the screenshots. The Mobo Live is seriously going to make a big overhaul to the way your home screen, app drawer and the widgets look.
The initial opening of the launcher would show you all the tips to make it easier for the user to get things done. There’s a question mark which on tapping would show the various tips and tricks or swiping, dragging and making the usage easier.

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