Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Track your Wellness & Fitness on Daily Basis – Zensorium Tinke Fitness Tracker for Android

We have seen some excellent wearable devices which would help in tracking the health status and the fitness levels of the person, syncing the data with the smartphones, but the hunger for making something similar and actually better never stops, because we haven’t seen products which we can call as revolutionary. But this time, the Tinke from Zensorium can change our thoughts. It’s a pretty sleek and unique kind of fitness tracker which you can slide into your pocket and check the stats, a lot of them, in your Android smartphone.
Before we talk about the advantages over the other similar products, let us see what Tinke actually does.

  • Heart Rate – Measures the number of heart beats per minute, in seconds
  • Blood Oxygen Levels – Measures the amount of oxygen carried by the red blood cells in the blood
  • Respiratory Rate – Measures the number of breathes you take per minute
  • Heart Rate Variability – Indicates the level of relaxation by measuring the variability in the heart rate
With all the tracking done, Tinke can actually analyze your wellness as well as the fitness levels of the individual, and that although won’t be a replacement for a visit to your doctor, would give you a brief stat of how good you are doing with the health. The Vita measurement with Tinké does it with the heart and respiratory rate, as well as the oxygen levels in a combination. The heart rate variability would give an idea about the wellness of the body, through the Zen measurement.
What’s Vita Index
It is a personalized fitness score that is calculated by analyzing the data that is collected from the heart rate, the blood oxygen levels and the respiratory rate. It is this data which would let you know about the fitness levels, in a short summary.
What’s Zen Index
The Zen index would take the heart rate vulnerability as the basis, and it would show the level of relaxation when you do a breathing exercise for 60 seconds. This controlled exercise would let Tinke measure the relaxation.

The data is sent to the phone with the standard Bluetooth connection which most of the fitness trackers follow, and of course there’s going to be a dedicated app which would show you the analyzed data in different charts. It’s always about motivation when you talk of these devices, as you get the urge to do better always after checking the stats.
Sharing is the other thing one would always want to do with the fitness activity, and Tinke allows you to share the results on the various social networks. There’s a network you can make, add friends and post comments on their scores. Even if you wish to keep private, there are settings for that too.
What’s cool with Tinke?
  • It’s the Zen and Vita statistical reviews, and the charts that overlay and show you how well you are doing progressively, on daily, weekly or monthly basis. There’s history to search from and see how healthy you were earlier, and if you are getting better with the vital stats on daily basis
  • Exporting the stats, sharing those to the social networks or make your own network to taunt or appreciate friends for their efforts
  • It’s not something you will have to worry carrying along, as the size makes it comfortably fit into the pocket
How do I buy one?
I’m sure you might be one of the fitness freaks like me and might be already interested to get one of these. Although Zensorium has been selling the ones for iPhone since quite some time, the Android version is in the making and you can reserve one for you to be one of the early users of the Tinke – Go get one!
*It costs around $90, and for that price, it’s one of the very recommended products though we haven’t done any testing, we can vouch based on what the makers say. It’s available in Orange and gray options. BONUS: Currently, there’s a deal where you get 30% discount, so grab one before the deal ends.

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