Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How to get Earthquake Alerts, News & Details on your Android Phone (Best Apps)

Earthquakes, the natural disaster /calamity occurs any time at any place, and it’s only wise to have some alerts if you are living in places which are prone to the quakes or are around the places which have seen earthquakes in the past. It doesn’t really alert you hours before something is going to happen, but you can still try to be safe by checking for timely updates. There are a few excellent apps which would do the job of Quake alerts for the users, based on the magnitude, place etc.

Best Android Apps for Earthquake Alerts


Earthquakes App by topstcn – Play Store Link


The Earthquakes app is a very useful app, and far better than the other apps especially for the various data sources it uses, and these are some official sources from all around the world. A total of 14, you can select one of the data sources based on the particular location, or can select all of them in the bottom to see the alerts from everywhere.
It’s a real-time algorithm to receive all the data continuously, and there is push notifications for the earthquakes in the data centers you select. The lcoation of the quakes is shown on the Google Maps, and there is a detailed information shown directly on the particular location where the quake has occurred. The user can filter the magnitude, region and depth of the earthquake to receive the alerts.

The app shows the historical data of the particular location in a 300km range, and there are sources to particular links where the user would be sent to know more information about each event. There is a lot of information provided, and moreover, this is a free app which one can keep in the background for any emergency usage.

Earthquake Alerts Tracker by Monzonito – Play Store Link


This alerts tracker would track the earthquakes from all around the world, and it would alert you with the notification whenever an earthquake happens with a particular magnitude and the time frequency that you choose. You get to see the map and the particular centers where the earthquake has occurred, with the different color coding based on the frequency of the quake.

There are different themes in which this app would be available, and you can choose one of them. The only disadvantage with this app for us, is that we cannot select any particular region for the alerts, and the notification is only based on the magnitude and the time frequency.

Earthquake Alert - Play Store Link


 The Earthquake Alert! app for Android is another useful app, which does more than the earthquake detailing and alerting. Each of the quake that is listed, the user can share it with the friends if at all they wanted the friends to be alerted about it, and the other options along with it, are the “Feel It” where you can let the app know that the tremors were felt in your place.

The quakes can be filtered based on the location, particular dates and the minimum magnitude. The information and quake details can be viewed on the USGS site, and the map is shown in the satellite view. There are a lot of settings to play around with, which include the filters, fonts, number of articles, distance unit changes, quake distance and regions and the distance to the city where the quake occurred.
Although many might not feel a need for it, but people who are living in places which are in or around the areas prone to quakes frequently, then having one of these apps is quite helpful as you can keep yourself alerted about the things happening around, and how safe you have to be.


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