Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Yahoo Acquires Aviate Android Home Screen Replacement App – Gives 25000 Free Invites

Remember about the Aviate app, which we called as one of the best launchers and home screens with a lot of power? That same one is now a part of Yahoo!, after being acquired for some specific purpose, and the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, announced about the acquisition and there is an invite code for 25000 invites given by Yahoo for those who were always waiting for an invite to reach them.

Alternative home screens for the smartphones have always been a talk in the town, with so many of those coming out but the ones which actually have something special, are the ones to stay. Aviate was one of the best for us, and Yahoo took this as the next step for improving the mobile search and experience for the users. Aviate is an intelligent one which would track the usage patterns and then group the various apps into different categories which are all presented based on the time, location such as home, work etc. There’s even a “Morning” space which would start your day with the various calendar entries, events that you have to attend during the day, and taking things ahead, if you are around any restaurant, the app would pull in the reviews before you get into it.
Yahoo hasn’t talked about the app integration or the future plans already, but they did mention that there would be improvisation of the product, and they would be looking to see it work with the search later on.
How to get an Aviate Invite from Yahoo?
We don’t know how many are already gone, but for now the Aviate invites are available. You just need to download the Aviate app from the Play Store and then enter the code “YAHOO” so that you can start using it right away. Hurry up, it was a limited number – 25000, and that would end anytime. If unlucky, comment below and we would send you an invite code. For that, you will have to include the email address, where the invite could be sent.

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