Saturday, 4 January 2014

BlueWatch, first ever Smart Watch from ZTE to be unveiled at CES-2014

ZTE is coming up with its first ever Smart Watch, dubbed as BlueWatch. The company’s first ever smart watch is a combination of watch and fitness tracker as well. This BlueWatch allows the users to take incoming calls, take photos, and social networks can also be accessed.

The BlueWatch from the Chinese hardware maker, can connect to your Smartphone using Bluetooth and can be used as a pedometer also which is built-in. This BlueWatch is going to be launched at the CES 2014 that is scheduled next week.

Alongside the BlueWatch there are other devices that ZTE is revealing at the CES event next week, refreshing its Smart Phone lineup ZTE will launch its Grand S II flagship with triple microphone noise reduction, Nubia 5S, Nubia 5S Mini, Sonata 4G and a 5 inch Phablet with quad-core processor along with wireless charging and split screen applications to access two screens at a time. There are few other devices coming alongside this list, a mini projector and Wi-Fi hotspot combo.

There is also a ZTE Projector Hotspot that share LTE service over Wi-Fi to up o eight users and also has a pico projector also. There is no word on the battery of the device nor how contend is delivered to it. There is AT&T Wireless Home Base also, connected with the AT&T landline phone to AT&T cellular network. ZTE is offering unlimited local and long distance calls for $20 per month. One more device the ZTE Sonata 4G that will be offered exclusively on Aio Wireless, powered by a 1.4 GHz Snapdragon 400 dial core processor coupled with 1 GB of RAM along with a 5 MP camera with flash on its back capable of recording 720p video with a 4 inch screen and a 1,780 mAh battery.

The BlueWatch marks ZTE’s promise to launch a Smart watch that was confirmed by the company in November 2013. So are you interested to get any of the devices? We will be updating all the information regarding the CES event.

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